Bathroom Painting Tips

Bathroom Painting Tips – Timeless Bathroom Color Schemes

Bathroom Painting Tips – Timeless Bathroom Color Schemes

Do you have a bathroom with avocado green fixtures from the 70s? Or maybe your bathroom features peeling wallpaper from the 80s. Perhaps you just want to change things up. Regardless, you’re taking a fresh look at the walls around the loo, and you’ve decided that it’s time for an update. And unlike the last time, your bathroom was updated (if it ever has been updated!), this time you want to make choices that will stick. You want a look that’s timeless. As fads come and go, and “modern” turns to “classic” (or rather, “outdated” in the case of that signature avocado green bathtub in the corner), it’s time to pick a paint that will last.

Here at AVR Painting Service, we get it. We often find ourselves coating over bathroom walls that are bright pink, neon yellow, lime-colored, you name it. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of hues that you’re going to fall in love with and stay in love with. Below is our list of timeless bathroom paint colors — As always, you can reach out to us for interior (and exterior!) home painting services here in Florida. Now let’s dig into those paint colors.

Clean Light Blues

Your bathroom should never feel dirty. As such, colors that look sanitary will help to make the room feel comfortable and clean. Light blues do just that. Consider using a robin’s egg blue in front of your porcelain washbasin, and pair it with brass fixtures for a rich, yet airy look. Or use a light blue that’s a bit paler as a backdrop for those houseplants that you keep on the window in your bathroom; the pale coloring will lend life to those thriving plants. There are tons of colors out there, so grab several swatches and compare them with the fixtures and furnishings that you have in your restroom.

Rich Dark Blues

Similarly, dark blues look clean, yet they have a richness that you may not find in their lighter cousins. Consider a dark blue hue for a larger bathroom, since it may cause the room to look smaller. Or, you can use dark blue as an accent color on the smallest or most intriguing wall of the restroom for an interesting appeal.

Pale Aquamarines

Aquamarine is akin to those hues you’ll find in ocean water, making it the perfect color for that room in your home where you relax and bathe. Consider aquamarine in a bathroom that’s flooded with natural light. You’ll love the feel of taking a dip in the tub as if you were settling to your own private sea. We recommend that you consider a pale aquamarine for your bathroom, since a bright, pure aquamarine may be overbearing. Again, you can use this hue as an accent color if it may be too much of a good thing on its own.

Unimposing Greys and Off-Whites

Both greys and off-whites look sanitary, and they serve as the ideal backdrop for nearly any bathroom fixture combination. Whether you have nickel fixtures and a granite countertop or gold fixtures and whitewashed cabinets, you can find a hue that will look great (and timeless) in the grayscale. Just be sure to avoid off-whites that have a touch of yellow in them. yellow can appear to be dirty, and it may just remind guests of something that should be flushed, instead of a color that belongs on the wall.

Charcoal Browns

Burnt, charcoal brown is classic, and it’s a wonderful backdrop for houseplants, a vanity mirror, a marble countertop, you name it. Charcoal brown adds an elegant, yet sophisticated “earthy” feel to the room. Be wary not to use this dark tone in bathrooms that are quite small, since it can close in on the space. And avoid a charcoal brown that is browner than black or grey — again, it may end up looking dirty and, well, off-putting.

Transform Your Bathroom Today!

With AVR Painting Service, updating the look of your bathroom couldn’t be easier. Simply reach out to us to talk about your project and to get started with a quick, free estimate. Again, we provide home interior and exterior painting services throughout Florida from our hometown of Coral Gables. Count on us to transform your home today (305) 910-5736!

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