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Pressure Washing

At AVR Painting, we can not only uplift your spaces through painting services. Our pressure washing services are crucial to maintaining your exterior spaces as neat and new as they first were. We never let you down and are always up for the job. Whether residential or commercial, pressure washing with AVR Painting guarantees you superior results no matter how big or small your property is.


Home maintenance doesn’t come with a manual, and sometimes, it is a job for homeowners to look out for the best ways to maintain a property. Often, we neglect the exterior of our homes, but not with our pressure washing services.

At AVR Painting Services, you can work with experts in surface treatment thanks to our painting and pressure cleaning services expertise. We are set apart from other pressure cleaning companies

Pressure cleaning is the best treatment for your home’s exterior, from walls to windows and other surfaces. You can rely on us for all residential pressure washing needs.

Driveway cleaning through pressure washing will eliminate the toughest contaminants, like oil stains, or wash away accumulated dirt and mud. After water pressure cleaning, your driveway will no longer be an eyesore.

Roofs are one of the most delicate jobs for pressure washing. Our pressure cleaning services are the best choice to prevent damage and preserve your roof.

Soft washing uses lower water pressure for cleaning. Our soft washing services are ideal for more delicate surfaces or materials when paired with our safe and efficient cleaning formulas.

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