Residential Painting: Fill Your World With Color & Quality

Think of house painting as an extension of your walls and space. Paint sits on top of many types of surfaces, and that is why it withstands diverse conditions. It is also in plain sight so that it can change the appearance of any space. It’s essential to choose both the best company and the best materials for house painting. We take a step further to simplify it for you.


At AVR Painting Services, our painting service tackles everything from prepping, which is a crucial step, to the finished product. Once we’ve ensured this, we follow the correct type of painting regarding finish or properties.

We offer complete residential painting services in every aspect. See our house painting solutions below:


We paint each type of wall so that they’ll look fabulous no matter the texture, material, or location. We do drywall painting, brick walls, stucco painting, stone walls, and much more for a cozy home that reflects your style.


e are local painters in South Florida, perfect for helping with a light renovation project in your kitchen. Cabinets are an essential part of your kitchen, drastically changing its appearance. A coat by AVR Painting Services for cabinet painting is all you need for refreshing your space!

We exquisitely paint doors to match your decor and design. If your door’s painting is looking dull or you wish to switch up the color for a revamp, leave your house painting project in our hands. Everything from door trim and paint to finishes will look sharp.

We are the interior painting company to call for any house painting project from a prominent and opulent residence to a small and cozy home. What better than to recur to professional interior house painters if you are seeking a transformation!

We are renowned exterior painters in South Florida. We are always up for every exterior home painting job from siding, roof, decks, exterior furniture, and anything you require.

We are capable of fulfilling even the most complex house painting projects. We smoothly tackle roof painting with our home painting services. Roof painting is excellent for conditioning your home and increased durability.

Wood is beautiful, and it’s a common building material. It is also the most common material for decks. It looks stunning once painted, from a mild brown to resemble wood colors to or bright and fun colors! Whatever your taste, a professional hand will always make the job look fantastic.

AVR Painting Services is the definite option for house painting services. Get in touch with us!

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