Residential Pressure Cleaning Services

Home maintenance doesn’t come with a manual, and sometimes, it is a job for homeowners to look out for the best ways to maintain a property. Often, we neglect the exterior of our homes, but not with our pressure washing services.

At AVR Painting Services, you can work with experts in surface treatment thanks to our painting and pressure cleaning services expertise. We are set apart from other pressure cleaning companies. Get an estimate today!

Pressure Wash For Safety

Hygiene, in general, is meant to prevent dire consequences, which is precisely pressure cleaning’s goal. It is evident what pressure washing services can do for your home. It is like putting a new filter in your property, improving its appeal, except that it is real life.

Having been cleaning homes for as long as we have, we advise and help homeowners clean the exterior of their homes for appeal and extend their property’s lifespan.

Here in South Florida, you will know that the climate, even though it can be nice and sunny, is also humid. Humidity is terrible news for your home, as moisture breeds the most common contaminants in the exterior of a house: mold and mildew. It also simultaneously speeds bacteria growth.

Innovative Solutions: Residential Pressure Cleaning

If you are looking for intelligent and cost-effective ways to maintain your residence, pressure cleaning is your winner. This single method can clean a wide range of surfaces, thanks to multiple pressure washer surface cleaners.

Not only this but, at AVR Painting Services, you can find every pressure cleaning solution you will require. Select one or many services from our pressure cleaning service catalog:

Full House

Pressure cleaning is the best treatment for your home’s exterior, from walls to windows and other surfaces. You can rely on us for all residential pressure washing needs.


Driveway cleaning through pressure washing will eliminate the toughest contaminants, like oil stains, or wash away accumulated dirt and mud. After water pressure cleaning, your driveway will no longer be an eyesore.

Roof Pressure Washing

Roofs are one of the most delicate jobs for pressure washing. Our pressure cleaning services are the best choice to prevent damage and preserve your roof.

Soft Wash

Soft washing uses lower water pressure for cleaning. Our soft washing services are ideal for more delicate surfaces or materials when paired with our safe and efficient cleaning formulas.

We assist you with anything you need, whether that is more information, an estimate, or hiring our services. Call (305) 384-1534 today!

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