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Residential Painting

You can count on our painting contractors to take care of your interior and exterior painting projects. We will do a phenomenal job from start to finish, taking care of preparation with skim coating, panting, and detailed finishes for impeccable results!

Commercial Painting Services

There’s a wide diversity of commercial properties. Our painting contractors can serve all of them, from a small family-owned business to an industrial facility for both interior and exterior! As certified vendors for MDC Public Schools, we pride ourselves in offering superior quality.

Pressure Washing

At AVR Painting, we can not only uplift your spaces through painting services. Our pressure washing services are crucial to maintaining your exterior spaces as neat and new as they first were. We never let you down and are always up for the job. Whether residential or commercial, pressure washing with AVR Painting guarantees you superior results no matter how big or small your property is.


If you are looking for intelligent and cost-effective ways to maintain your residence, pressure cleaning is your winner. This single method can clean a wide range of surfaces, thanks to multiple pressure washer surface cleaners.

Not only this but, at AVR Painting Services, you can find every pressure cleaning solution you will require. Select one or many services from our pressure cleaning service catalog:

We paint each type of wall so that they’ll look fabulous no matter the texture, material, or location. We do drywall painting, brick walls, stucco painting, stone walls, and much more for a cozy home that reflects your style.

We are local painters in South Florida, perfect for helping with a light renovation project in your kitchen. Cabinets are an essential part of your kitchen, drastically changing its appearance. A coat by AVR Painting Services for cabinet painting is all you need for refreshing your space!

We exquisitely paint doors to match your decor and design. If your door’s painting is looking dull or you wish to switch up the color for a revamp, leave your house painting project in our hands. Everything from door trim and paint to finishes will look sharp.

We are the interior painting company to call for any house painting project from a prominent and opulent residence to a small and cozy home. What better than to recur to professional interior house painters if you are seeking a transformation!

We are renowned exterior painters in South Florida. We are always up for every exterior home painting job from siding, roof, decks, exterior furniture, and anything you require.

We are capable of fulfilling even the most complex house painting projects. We smoothly tackle roof painting with our home painting services. Roof painting is excellent for conditioning your home and increased durability.

Wood is beautiful, and it’s a common building material. It is also the most common material for decks. It looks stunning once painted, from a mild brown to resemble wood colors to or bright and fun colors! Whatever your taste, a professional hand will always make the job look fantastic.


Home maintenance doesn’t come with a manual, and sometimes, it is a job for homeowners to look out for the best ways to maintain a property. Often, we neglect the exterior of our homes, but not with our pressure washing services.

At AVR Painting Services, you can work with experts in surface treatment thanks to our painting and pressure cleaning services expertise. We are set apart from other pressure cleaning companies

Pressure cleaning is the best treatment for your home’s exterior, from walls to windows and other surfaces. You can rely on us for all residential pressure washing needs.

Driveway cleaning through pressure washing will eliminate the toughest contaminants, like oil stains, or wash away accumulated dirt and mud. After water pressure cleaning, your driveway will no longer be an eyesore.

Roofs are one of the most delicate jobs for pressure washing. Our pressure cleaning services are the best choice to prevent damage and preserve your roof.

Soft washing uses lower water pressure for cleaning. Our soft washing services are ideal for more delicate surfaces or materials when paired with our safe and efficient cleaning formulas.

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